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Kachina Mtn’s Mesquite Heat, STDsdc, AD, SS, SJ, DNA-VP

(WTCH Twin Oaks Wolf City,DNA-VP x Kachina Mtn’s Perfect Storm, RTDs, STDsdc, AX, MXJ, EAC, EJC, OGC, TN-O RS-E, JS-E-OP, GS-E, MAD, JM--Bronze, SM-CH, RM, PJ-3,CGC, TDI, DNA-VP)

Sizzle is one of my most favorite dogs (but don’t tell the others that!)  She is quite the character and she certainly defines the breed standard of “aloof and reserved.”  Except for the handful of people she adores, she is quite content to ignore everything else in the world except me (and sheep.)



Sizzle will hopefully be a talented stockdog (if she can survive my mis-handling!)  She is balanced and wide running with lots of aussie style.  She is turning onto agility and I hope to debut her in the summer of 2008.  All in all, Sizzle is an amazing little gal.

Height:  19”
Weight:  34#
OFA:  Good
Cerf’ed annually










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