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West Valley - USDAA Agility Trial
February 24 - 25, 2007

Mia talked me into going to this trial – we leave REALLY early on Saturday morning, only have to stay one night in the hotel and then drive home Sunday night. Last year it was MISERABLE. The show itself was fine but ran really late and all I can remember is being exhausted. The good news is that the show finished much earlier this year. The bad news is that I was still exhausted. 2 days of running and walking on hard dirt is hard on both me and the dogs. I will definitely be re-thinking Industry Hills shows in the future.

OK – I went to this show to pick up a Performance National Standard leg for Cinder and Patches (they both need one more to be qualified for Nationals.) Also – I am still hunting Masters Gamblers legs with Cinder (for her ATCH Bronze) and Gale (for her ATCH) and they were offering double gamblers. Let me end the pain now: I did not get a single gamble all weekend. On Sunday, I did everything wrong you could possibly do and Cinder still came close so it is definitely 100% my fault that we aren’t getting gambles. Maybe next time.

Let’s talk about the Tournament classes since that is why I went to this show. Cinder had an AMAZING PNS run going and at the 2 nd to last jump, I sent her off course. I could have killed myself. Patches made me feel slightly better by getting her 2 nd leg this year for Nationals. Thank heavens for the old dog. Steeplechase/PJS was the next tournament event. Cinder and Patches made the cut for the 2 nd round in PJS and Gale got her first Steeplechase leg! Yay Gale! For Round 2, I AGAIN sent Cinder off course right at the end (I was just not focused…really pissed me off) but Patches ended up in 4 th overall so actually won some money for her mother! I did not run Gale in the 2 nd round of Steeplechase – I was just thrilled she had made it in the first place!

The rest of the show was pretty much business as usual. My dogs were awesome despite the hard packed dirt. Cinder won both her PIII Snooker classes, won PIII Standard on Sunday and she and Max won Masters Pairs! Gale picked up a Masters Standard leg (her first and it was a fabulous run!) and two Masters Snookers legs (we need two more Super Q’s though…) Patches picked up a PIII Snooker leg, a PIII Pairs leg with Misha and tournament Q’. The dogs were great (as usual) – I just hope I am more focused next weekend!

The show was a success but it was a long haul. And I have discovered that I REALLY prefer running on grass.


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