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W.C.A.S.A. APRIL 23-25, 2004 NADAC/ASCA Agility Trial

Woodley Park, California

Have I ever mentioned that I do not like the heat? Well, I should learn to stop trialing in Southern Cal in the summer. While the show was wonderfully run, the judges were charming, and the courses were fun, the weather did NOT cooperate. It was in the high 90’s and reminded me that I really need to pay attention to what shows I enter in the summer.

On to the good stuff: WCASA really puts on a show. This was another ASCA three ring circus with agility, conformation and obedience. While Oso needs only one more leg for his ASCA CD, I have decided to wait until our little COAST show in September to finish him off. He got his first two legs there so it feels like a tradition. Bess isn’t ready for Open work yet so I only did agility and entered Kali and Kane in conformation (to be expertly handled by Danielle Kreman.)

The conformation judges were good to my kids this show. Kane is just learning how to do all this and despite his utter lack of training, he managed to go Alt. Reserve Winners Dog thanks to Danielle expertly “handling” him around the ring. Kali went Alt. Winners Bitch and Best Opposite on Sat, then Alt. Winners Bitch, Alt. Best of Winners, and Alt. Best of Breed on Sunday! Yay Kali! She was so hot from standing out in the direct sun that I pulled her from most of her agility runs. Black dogs + sun = miserable. Agility was a blast – as always. Friday was ASCA only and the club offered two rounds each of Jumpers and Gamblers. Kali got her Elite Jumpers title for ASCA (finally.) Patches Q’d in both Jumpers runs with a 1 st and 2nd, Gale took 4 th and Q’d in Jumpers and Cinder Q’d in both Jumpers rounds (both 2 nd place), and 2 nd in Gamblers and Oso Q’d in Jumpers as well!

Sat. and Sun. were dual sanctioned and the temperature kicked up a couple degrees. Despite the heat, the dogs were amazing. Cin picked up a couple more Elite Standard legs (with a 3 rd and a 5 th), another Elite Jumpers leg (1 st) and another Elite Gamblers leg (2 nd) and is quite close to earning her ATCH/NATCH. I tried something new with Cinder before our Gamblers classes: I wound her up to the point where she was literally screaming to run. While it was scary to pump her up like that, it was a blast! She was still responsive (despite being a screaming maniac) and I have resolved to start doing that more often.

Gale flew around all the Elite Jumpers courses picking up another couple Q’s (and 4 th place ribbons!) but we cannot seem to finish out her Elite Std. title. She needs a 5 point Q – that’s it! We had a lovely run (despite the fact that her foot was still torn from the Stockdog trial the previous weekend) and we were three obstacles from the end and what did I do? Promptly sent her off course! AUGH! She did exactly what I asked her too!

My veterans, Oso and Patches, were wonderful as usual. Oso really wilted in the heat though. He Q’d in Elite Std on Sat but his Elite Jumpers run was in the heat of the afternoon. I visibly saw him wilt ¾ of the way around the course. I pulled him from the rest of the show – too hot for a hairy, old dog. Patches was a joy of consistency – except for her Gambling abilities (which are zero, so I guess she was consistent in that regard.) She Q’d in both Veteran Elite Jumpers classes (with another 1 st and 2 nd) and both Veteran Elite Standard classes (with a 1 st and a 4 th.) Patches actually seems to enjoy the heat, despite all her hair. She was certainly happier than I was.

One other thing, I got to run Danielle’s Josie (an Aussie of course) for the first time at this show. Talk about a speed demon! Well, she and Connie do have the same father so…and it was interesting how similar the two dogs are to run – they get REALLY far away from you in an alarmingly short period of time. And I am used to running (thanks to Cinder) but Josie wants you about 20 feet away. All the time. It was definitely a learning experience and I had a blast running her.

Pets to all the beasties.

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