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Dog Agility Club of Ventura - AKC Trial
November 11- 12, 2006

I can’t believe I signed up for this show directly after Nationals but there were two pressing reasons: (1) Chance (2) the judge. I haven’t shown Chancie since late summer so we really needed some ring time. The judge, Larry Brockett, designs some of the nicest AKC courses around. Since the trial was less than an hour from my house…

I was not disappointed with the courses all weekend. They were a lot of fun to run with nice handling challenges but no “evil” screaming call-offs for the dogs. Day 1 dawned bright and sunny (but not too hot) and Gale had a lovely standard run but did weird things in her weaves. She kept coming out at pole 10. Since she did this in JWW, I got a little concerned. The good news is that her contacts were lovely! One of these days we will get both contacts and weaves on the same course at the same time.

Cinder was EXCELLENT. She took 3rd in Standard and 2nd in JWW for DQ #13! Yay Binder! I can tell that she much prefers a lower A-Frame so I am quite happy with my decision to move her to Performance in USDAA.

Patches is now in Ex A Pref for both Std and JWW. On Saturday, she dropped a bar in her Standard run (hey, old dogs are given a ton of slack!) but was perfect in JWW and won the class!

Kane was a funny monkey. He has not had ANY training for months (the installation of the swimming pool has made my yard impossible to work in) but his contacts and weaves were lovely. I have discovered that he is not comfortable (at all) working on my left side so we had several refusals at jumps. Must work on that. Chance was fast and perfect in his Standard run – he not only ran clean and finished his Open Standard title, he did it with a 1st place! Yay Chancie! His Open JWW run was gorgeous but he dropped a bar. Sigh….

Sunday was really windy! Must have done good things to Gale’s brain because she was spun! Our Standard run was PERFECT – we FINALLY had both contacts and weaves at the same time. Unfortunately, her handler wasn’t up to it – I pulled her right off a jump. Darn it!! But Gale was zooming along and quite happy and that’s all that matters. Her JWW run was fast and furious – she not only Q’d, she took 2nd place! YAY!

Cinder did a complete repeat of Saturday – but this time she took 4th in Standard and 1st in JWW. (It was pretty cool to take 1st and 2nd with Cinder and Gale.) That is DQ#14 for Cinder – only 6 more to go! Patches was her steady, reliable self all day: Q’d in both her classes and both with 1st places. She is so easy to run and tries so hard for me all the time!

It was Chancie’s first time in Ex A Standard on Sunday. He was AMAZING. We finally felt like a “team” and he roared around the course perfectly except for the last jump. The last jump of the whole course was a triple and he knocked it. Nancy pointed out to me that Chance NEVER sees triples in practice so we both decided she should probably buy one for him  The “triple” threat kicked out butts in Open JWW – I had to babysit the triple (which he got over without knocking) but that put me too far behind him to handle the tunnel entrance…so…he took the wrong entrance. Other than that, the run was wonderful. He is really turning into a “big dog!”

Kane had a nice day on Sunday. Knowing his “left-side” issues, I went out of my way to really help him through the courses. This paid off in Open Std – he picked up his first leg and won the class! Yay Kanery! He was lovely in Open JWW – picked up all the rear cross cues we have been working on – but unfortunately he dropped a bar. I am not too worried about it though – that is the first bar Kane has ever knocked so I don’t think it will become an issue

I am thrilled I went to this trial – my dogs were good, the courses were great and the weather was (pretty much) ideal. And, Cinder is that much closer to her MACH.

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