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Dog Agility Club of Ventura - July 22-23, 2006
AKC Agility Trial

IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!! That is the overwhelming impression of this darn trial. I honestly cannot remember ever being so miserable at a trial – even Dixon in the rain. There is nothing like just sitting in the shade and having buckets of sweat pour off of you. And to add insult to injury, it was a large, one judge trial and I was in every class of the day which meant I was there ALL DAY. Now that I have got my bitching out of the way, I must say I had a great show!

I had Cinder and Gale in Excellent in the morning. Gale was abysmal - she does not like the heat. Cin and I had a lovely standard run although she self-released on her A-Frame…that wasn’t so good. So imagine my delight when I found out that Cinder was in a run-off for 2nd place.

I could have cared less about the placement but it meant we could go right back out there and fix her A-Frame. Because I was completely in “training” mode, we had a horrible run but we did get her frame fixed!

The bad news about this extra run in the heat is that I believe it took something out of Cinder: we had a dynamite Jumpers run but she dropped a bar! No Double Q for us Patches was lovely in her Open Preferred Standard course and took 1st place. She also zipped around Nov P JWW and FINALLY finished that title with a 2nd place. Way to go Patch! But the real star of Saturday was Kane. This was Kane’s 2nd AKC trial and he had to sit around in withering heat all day – his first run wasn’t until 4pm! But he was amazing – stuck all his contacts, did his weaves (and the broad jump which I always forget to train!) and not only Q’d, he took 3rd place! Yay Kane-man! Then with only a 30 minute break, he went over in JWW and Q’d with a 4th! I am so proud of my guy!

Sunday was better and worse. It was muggier in the morning but it did cool off for a couple hours (meaning it was only 90) before heating up again. I REALLY wanted a Double Q with Cinder and I even tried bribery: I told Cin that if she ran clean in both, I wouldn’t give her a bath this week. She hates baths. She was LOVELY in her Standard run and took 2nd place but she gleefully went off course (at full speed) in Jumpers. Sigh…guess she gets a bath this week. The big surprise of the day was Gale: Gale got her first Double Q! Yay Gale! I couldn’t (and still can’t believe it!) Maybe that’s the trick with Gale: I have to genuinely not care. I was so focused on Cin Double Q’ing that I ran Gale without too much thought. Hmmm…don’t think so much Kristi….must be a sign.

Patches had entirely too much energy – for some reason, that black dog sure likes heat. She launched off the dog walk in her Open Standard and bounded off the table like she had no idea what to do with it. She has quite the sense of humor sometimes – ha ha. She made up for it with a 1st place and Q in Open P JWW though. The old girl still loves playing this game!

Kane was a total trooper once again. Our Standard run got a gnarly call (one that had many people questioning the judge’s decision, me included) so he didn’t Q but that’s ok – I don’t think he’s ready for Open Standard yet and that would have been his 3rd leg. Next weekend. Then he went over in Nov P JWW and finished his title with a 4th place finish! I can’t believe I waited this long to show this dog…I guess he needed time (lots of time) to grow up!

I am desperately glad to be back at home, in air conditioning, and am praying that next weekend will not be as hot. If it is, Mia and I can get into a water fight

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