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USDAA Agility Trial - Dixon, CA
April 12-13, 2007

I am still not sure how I got talking into doing this trial. Oh yeah, I know – Mia mentioned Sherry Baker Stockdog lessons on the Wed. before…So, once again Mia and I made the trek to Dixon however this time we were smart – we went only for 1 ½ days: DAM team on Thurs and the mornings classes on Friday.

We headed out Wed fairly early because my lesson with Sherry was at 1:30. Let me say that Mia has the patience of a saint. The lesson I assured her would only last one hour, lasted over 3. I needed a lot of help with my dogs (Gale and Sizzle) and Mia was wonderful about the whole thing. She wouldn’t even let me pay for dinner. Man, do I owe her.

I came up to Dixon for two reasons: to help a friend with a DAM team (I pulled Cinder out of Performance for this one team) and to try and win the Performance National Standard with Cin so I could get a bye into the second round of a regional. We accomplished half our goal L Despite Cinder being AMAZING in team, our team did not qualify. I have to say that Cinder really tried her heart out – she NEVER went off course, took 9 th overall in Gamblers in her jump height and in 5 classes she only had two things go wrong: 1 bar and 1 refusal. That being said, if we had not had those 2 errors, Cinder would have carried the whole team to a Q despite both my team-mates being eliminated in Standard and 1 team-mate being eliminated in Jumpers. All that stuff being said, our team did win the Team Relay (and there were over 70 teams) and that was one of the most exciting (and fastest) runs of my life. It was AWESOME!

Gale was lame from her Stockdog lessons so she basically came along for the ride. Patches and I did a random draw for the Performance Pairs and got teamed up with a Husky named T’ai. We had the BEST time! It was my team-mate’s first USDAA and she really held it together! Our team ended up in 3 rd place overall, got a really pretty ribbon and bronze medallion and had a great time getting there.

were Masters Std, Gamblers and Grand Prix.) We figured we’d be out of there by noon at the latest. WRONG. So – Gale was still lame so still just along for the ride L Patches Q’d in Performance National Standard but not in PIII Std. I couldn’t get Cinder around the PIII Standard course to save my life (I guess I used up all my good luck the day before in Team) and of course screwed up the gamble. The good news is that we had a quite good Performance National Standard run and she won the class! Good girlie.

I hustled Mia out of there as fast as I could but it was still 1pm by the time we left. Why the hurry you ask? Well, silly me, I had committed to do an AKC show that same weekend down in Camarillo so I was a little bit eager to get on the road so we would be home relatively early on Friday night. Not the brightest idea I have ever had but at least Cin got the bye for Regionals! Now I just have to see if I am going :-)


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