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PASA ASCA Agility Trial, Hollister CA
June 2-3, 2007

Yet more driving for me and the dogs but the Hollister trial is a blast. It is especially nice since Nancy opens her home to me and the dogs so they get a yard to romp around in. This was Kat’s first time away from home and she handled it like a trooper. She is such a confident happy little puppy!

Patches had a stellar weekend! She Q’d in all three Veteran Elite Regular rounds on Saturday (with two 1 st places and one 3 rd.) The judge was VERY generous on her contact calls but did tell me never to clip Patches’ toenails because that was all that saved her J Patches also picked up another Vet. Elite Reg. leg on Sunday (and a 1 st) and Q’d in 2 out of 3 of the Veteran Elite Jumpers classes (both times taking 2 nd in a quite competitive class!) The old girl seems to have recovered from the last two weeks! But I am glad we are taking some time off after this.

Gale had a fairly amazing weekend. On Saturday she Q’d in two of the Elite Regular classes (with a 1 st and 2 nd) and then picked up another Elite Gamble leg (with another 2 nd!) Those gamble lessons with Rachel are paying off! Maybe I can start thinking about Gale getting her ATCH….She was also lovely on Sunday and Q’d in all three Elite Jumpers rounds with a 1 st, 2 nd and a 3 rd. Good girl Gale!

Cinder…once again, what can I say about Cinder? She Q’d in two out of three Elite Regular rounds (I sent her off course on one of the them) and took 1 st in both. Then she went out and won both the Elite Gamble classes! Did I mention the gamble lessons with Rachel are paying off? J Sunday Cinder was lovely again – Q’d and won both the Elite Reg. classes and Q’d in 2 of the 3 Jumpers (also with blues.) She dropped a bar in the last Jumpers run of the day and I just think she was tired: 3 weekends in a row and usually 5 runs a day. Cinder tried her heart out – she was just sooooo tired.

Chancie had an interesting trial. He went into this trial only needing ½ an Elite Regular leg and 1 Elite Jumpers leg. Saturday was not a good day at all: he creamed himself on the A-Frame (I mean, CREAMED himself – bloodied his chin) on the first run of the day and we never seemed to recover from that. So – we are not going to talk about Saturday anymore J Sunday was a MUCH better day! In the second round of Elite Regular he picked up a 5 point Q and finished his Elite Standard title with a 3 rd place! Yay Chancie! We had three opportunities to finish his Elite Jumpers title so imagine my delight when, first Jumpers run of the day, he ran clean! And then, as if to make up for the previous weekend, he ran clean in the next two rounds as well (with placements!) What a guy!

Overall, the trial was a smashing success. So much so that on Sunday I was filling out entry forms for their next trial in August which I swore I wouldn’t do because of the heat. But this club really puts on a wonderful trial and my dogs like the venue so guess we will be driving more in August!










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