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Happy Dog Agility
July 4 - 6, 2008

I really did not want to attend this trial.  I was in a stockdog camp from June 28th-July 2nd and had been living in the RV (with 7 seven dogs!) but I had to attend because Gale and Cinder both needed PSJ and PNS legs for Nationals.  The good news about the trial was that other than the Tournament classes it was a Starters/Advanced only trial.  This meant I got to focus on Sizzle rather than running around like a crazy woman trying to run 4 dogs.  The other thing I don’t like about this trial is the shooting that occurs in the summer.  The site is on an agricultural farm so there are guns going off sporadically during the day to discourage the crows from eating the crops.  Since some of my dogs are sound sensitive, this is not a happy place for them.  But ya gotta do whatcha gotta do right?


The good news is that Cinder and Gale both picked up PSJ legs.  No PNS legs for us though…Cinder fell off her dog walk and her hurt and surprised look meant that I had to pet her and reassure her:  tweet!  Gale came out of her poles and then dropped a bar (my fault.)  At least Cinder got 50% of the things she needed.  I pulled Cinder from the second round of PSJ (2 frames which isn’t good for her back) and I almost pulled Gale.  The gunshots had turned her into a quivering mess and for some unknown reason, I decided WTF and ran her anyway.  Imagine my surprise when she won the darn thing!  Gale’s first check J

Sizzle had a really nice time at this trial especially considering she was exhausted.  Well, Sizzle, Gale and myself all were from the stockdog camp.  Sizzle and Gale (which meant me as well) had worked our asses off up at the ranch so I was a little concerned about how quickly Sizzle would recover.  For the most part, she did really well.  On the first day she got her first Starters tandard leg with a lovely run and then picked up a 3rd and Q in Starters Snooker.  Our Pairs run was pathetic – I could barely get her out of a trot (did I mention it was super hot as well?) so I decided discretion was the better part of valor and left before Starters Jumpers.

Saturday was a WONDERFUL day for Sizzle.  She ran fast and happy, stuck her contacts and Q’d in everything!  She got another Standard, a Jumpers and another 3rd in Snooker.  Sunday I only ran her in two classes:  Jumpers and Pairs.  I was really worried about the Pairs run (because I didn’t want to let my partner down) so I decided to pull her from Standard.  She got another Jumpers leg and then laid down a really solid half for Pairs and she and her team-mate won the class!  Yay Sizzle!!  But we all slept really well that night J





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