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FALL CLASSIC – SEPT. 2004 - Cayucos, California

COAST offered a new trial this year: the Fall Classic to be held at the Warren Ranch in Cayucos, CA. This was the last trial I planned on attending before the ASCA Nationals so I decided to try and finish Gale up on a couple of her Started titles, namely sheep and cattle. I also decided (at the very last minute) to try Cinder in Post-Advanced Cattle since she was already entered in Post-Advanced Sheep and the course was up. OK, considering that Cin and I have NEVER practiced with the cattle out in the field, this probably wasn’t a great idea.

Saturday was a great day for Gale and a crappy day for Cinder. We (Cinder and I) started out with Post-Advanced cattle as our first run of the day. It did not go well. Cinder took the cattle out of the holding pen and then merrily took them straight away from me at a pretty good clip. You would think that would be good right? Wrong. The terrain is very hilly and I completely lost sight of Cin for what seemed like an eternity. Let me go back and explain something first. The judge and course director kept talking about the “drive line” from the holding pen. As we started the run and Cinder got the cattle out of the pen and started to head to China, my gut reaction was to yell “Get Around!” and hold the cattle up for a fetch at the beginning. But a couple things went through my brain: (1) that phrase “drive line” was stuck in the forefront of my mind and (2) inevitably in stock, my gut reaction is wrong. So, I didn’t tell Cin to get around and hold the cattle and off they all went. Needless to say, the run didn’t go well. Cinder got the cattle stuck in a corner very far away so I had to cross the line and help her out.

But she had a blast! However, I learned something very important. After our run was over, I was walking towards the judge (Kaye Harris, a truly delightful person) and Kathy Warren, they both looked at me and Kaye said, “Well, did you learn anything?” I blurted out, “Get Around!” and Kaye and Kathy both said, “Yup. You should have held the cattle up at the beginning.” Live and learn.

Cin had so much fun with her cattle that she came out for her Post-Advanced sheep run entirely too fired up to work lambs. It was a disaster. The very first thing she did was run a lamb off. Cinder has NEVER done that in her life (well, maybe once, but never at a trial) so I was taken completely by surprise. Brat. Needless to say, I spent that run schooling her “out” and muttering under my breath about how I was going to give her away. She redeemed herself on Adv ducks but I was still miffed.

On the other hand, Gale was marvelous! She came out on her cattle and had a stellar Started run and then aced her Started Sheep run. I don’t want to brag too much but she was LOVELY. And then she went out on Sunday and did the exact same thing! She now has her STDsc titles – YAY Gale!

Sunday was better for Cinder. We held the cattle up for Post-Advanced and she tried her heart out. We ran out of time but she still almost qualified! She was awesome and I can hardly wait until the next time we try Post-Adv cattle! She was lovely on her Post-Adv sheep! She was waaayyyy out (the training from the day before paid off!) and she finished up her Post-Advanced Sheep title and then took 4 th on Adv ducks and went High-Combined Other Breed for the trial!

It was a wonderful weekend and I am thankful that COAST decided to host this trial! Hopefully, it will continue in the years to come.


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