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Driven Dogs
USDAA Agility Trial
May 31 - June 1, 2008

While I HATE showing at CPA, how could I pass up an opportunity to trial Sizzle, her first trial, under Mia, her first judging assignment? Well, I didn't think that was such a good idea by the end of the first day. Sizzle was CURSED. Our first run was Gamblers and about 5 obstacles into the run she started shaking her head madly and holding her head askew. She actually went into a U-shaped tunnel - stopped in the middle - shook so hard I could see the tunnel move - got herself turned around and then came back out the entry. Needless to say, she was trotting, I was freaking out and it did NOT bode well for her show.  We left the ring, I checked her ears thoroughly, found nothing, put her away and crossed my fingers.

Our next class of the day was Starters Pairs. Sizzle was PERFECT, held her 2o2o - she couldn't have been better. Then our teammate E'd. Sigh... Final run of the day for the Biz-brain was Starters Snooker. I did a plan with flow and while we had a couple bobbles, nothing major at all. We are coming out of the 6 in the close and the timer went off. I (of course - being the reactive soul that I am - turned to Mia (aka The Judge) and said "There is NO WAY that was the alloted time. No way." Mia very cooly and professionally agreed with me and said I could re-run her. By this point (this was my very last run of the day) I had already had 11 runs (this was run #12) and I was hot and tired. We hurriedly added up points and sure enough, she had more than enough for a Q so I just took the Q and NT. Even though it was Sizzle's first Q ever, it felt *off* if you know what I mean. Of course the only run of Sizzle's that got filmed was the abysmal Gamblers run (no, you don't get to see it) and then I got a superstitious streak and didn't get much of anything filmed at all.

Sunday was a MUCH better day for Sizzle. We started with Gamblers and I seriously ran out of things to do before I ran out of opening time. Guess I didn't plan it well because there was plenty of stuff to do out there, I just didn't realize how Sizzle was moving. The bad news is that I ended up hovering at jumps (which made Sizzle go "Why are you slowing down Mom?") The good news is that she EASILY got the gamble which was a tunnel - A-Frame discrimination (you took the tunnel) followed by a couple jumps. So in my mind, her first *real* Q (Snooker from Sat didn't count) was a lovely run and a 2nd place overall finish! Yay Sizzle! Then she came out for Jumpers and was lovely. I totally didn't support one jump so we had to re-set it but she came in 4th overall and picked up another Q! What a gal!

My big dogs were awesome as well. Of course I couldn't get a Masters Gamble to save my life - either day with either Cinder or Gale it is SO ME. Other than Gamblers, Cin, Gale & Patches were lovely. Quick summation of the dogs: Patches Q'd both days in PIII Snooker (took 4th on Sat!) but pulled a bar each day in Jumpers. Now on Saturday, the bar was completely my fault, I handled that poor dog completely ineptly. Sunday - I think she was tired and had been in a crate for the 2nd day in a row. I honestly think it might be time to retire the old lady - maybe the occasional Snooker run here and there but we'll see.

Cinder was a total delight as usual. On Saturday she took 2nd in both PIII Jumpers and PIII Snooker to a dog named Streak (another BC.) Today she won both those classes - even beat Streak even if it was only by .25 seconds!

Gale had an EXCELLENT weekend: on Sat she won PIII Snooker, PIII Jumpers and PIII Pairs with Indy the lab. Today she not only got a Masters Standard leg (Yay!) but won PIII Jumpers and PIII Snooker with a SQ! Gale got lots of chicken....It was a wonderful but dirty weekend.





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