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DART, Rancho Cucamonga - USDAA DAM Trial
April 19 - 20, 2008


I have avoided showing in Rancho Cuco-land-that-God-forgot-monga in the entire decade I have been showing. I have heard such horror stories about the weather and the trek to set up that I have always been smugly pleased with the "Oh you got hailed out? Glad I didn't go" attitude I have always maintained. Let me say that the name has now changed to "Rancho Cuco-whee!!!-monga" despite the horrific set up head aches. (I thought Mia was exaggerating. Oh no. It's worse.)

Mia and Max. So sad that it's the last time Cinder will pair with them in PVP. This was Cinder's first trial since Dec (the back injury thing) and she is LOVING jumping 16"! I have my dog back!!! I know she placed in everything - I hope I get it right: I know Max won Team Std and Cinder took 2nd, then they flipped for Team Snooker where Cinder won and Max took 2nd. She took 3rd in Team Jumpers and then she won Team Gamblers.   She and Max took 4th in the team relay and overall, Max and Cinder won the PVP class! Yay Bin-Bin and Maximus!


Video of Cinder and Max in their PVP Relay run

Gale was not entered in any team events but she did MARVELOUS this weekend. She finished up her Jumpers Champion Bronze on Sat and then won PIII Snooker (with a SQ) today. But I must say, despite my inept handling (which resulted in a NQ for both Cin and Gale) her PIII Gamblers run today was amazing. She was fast and excited - actually - she and Star did the same silly "Whee I am going over that jump too!!!" in the same spot. What really drove it home to me that Gale was hauling is that she only got three less points than Cinder in the opening!  Yay Gale!

It was a lovely show - made even better by the fact that we were home by 6pm but I am still tired due to the 3am drunk folks outside my door. At 3:30 I yelled, at 5am I got up and made a special point to SLAM the door of my room and at 7am wandered out to find a man surrounded by beer bottles, begging with someone on the phone. I *almost* took the Do Not Disturb signs off the doors but figured I couldn't tell exactly who was who so....but man, I wanted too!!

Overall I really enjoyed the show and might be persuaded to go back again.  Maybe.  I will need those 4 x 4 wheels though…

Video of Cinder's first place Snooker run.





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