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ASCA Agility Trial
August 17 - 18, 2007

At the last moment, the trial secretary decided to offer 2 rounds of Elite Gamblers and 1 round of Elite Standard on Friday afternoon. Since I am now officially on the hunt for Finals points for Gale, I decided to head up a day early, spend the night (1 st time) in my new rig and try to get some points. Since Gale only needs Regular and Gambler legs for her ATCH, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I also entered Patches because every now and then she surprises me – she doesn’t normally gamble but I would like to try and get her qualified for Veterans Finals so we will see.

Cinder was her usual brilliant self despite the slatless contacts. She literally slides down the second half of the A-Frame which drives me nuts. While I have been really working on her contacts, I had to start quick-releasing her on her A-Frames at this trial because she was burning all the skin off the back of her legs L The first gamble was impossible – literally. Only one dog got it and that dog was not Cinder. However, Cinder won the 2 nd round of Gamblers and won Elite Regular. Patches didn’t do either of the gambles and launched her dog walk in Standard. Gale however, picked up another Elite Gamble leg and took 5 th place! Yay Gale!


Nancy ran Chance in round 1 of Gamblers and then decided I should take him over for the next two runs and school his contacts. I probably won’t talk much more about Chance because that it pretty much what happened all weekend: he got his start line worked on and his contacts schooled. As a result, he only Q’d in Jumpers on day 3 but his start line is MUCH better! I also think Nancy got an Elite Gamble on him – Yay Nancy! Chance is really starting to handle like a “big dog” and since we had worked on serpentines with Rachel, I didn’t even worry about my knees. Much. No, seriously, Chance and I are just having one bar or one bobble here and there and when I think about how little time he has actually been competing, I am impressed at how far he has come. Plus he is a blast to run – especially when he isn’t barking at me :-).

My first night in my rig was a lot of fun but I did discover that sleeping in one of those cramped “over-the-cab” beds is fine with one dog, not so good with two. I had heaved Kali and myself up there and looked down and Gale was giving me the most pathetic look “But I always sleep with you too!” So I hucked Gale up there and had Kali at my feet and Gale at my side. While the temperature dropped to about 50 over night and I had all my windows and screens open, I woke up several times in the night drenched in sweat. I am going to have to figure out another way to do that in the future!

Saturday the club offered 2 rounds of Gamblers and 2 rounds of Standard. Patches actually did one of the gambles (see? She can gamble occasionally) but unfortunately dropped a bar in the gamble so no Q. She had a great Elite Reg run going and then decided to bail off the teeter. I worried that something might be wrong with her, but then she went out and happily did the teeter in round 2 and won the class. Gale had an entirely NQ day (so I don’t want to talk about it much.) Cinder picked up another Elite Gamble leg (with a 2 nd) and then won both rounds of Elite Regular. Yay Cinder! The show was over at 3pm so I packed my rig up and went home. I knew that I would be home and my dogs would be romping the backyard before folks up at the ranch ever got around to eating so it seemed like a wise choice to me.

Getting up at 4:30am made it seem like not so wise a choice the next morning J The club was offering 3 rounds of Jumpers so I had a speed day! Patches dropped a bar right away so I took her off course. She is 11 – no need to run when she doesn’t have to. She recovered for the next two runs and not only Q’d, but took 2 nd place in both classes! Gale was a champ – she was 3 for 3 (more Finals points) with two 2 nd places and a 3 rd. We are definitely better at Jumpers than we are at anything else. Cinder had a lovely opening run and won the class but the second round was weird: she came off the line funny and never really seemed to recover so she crashed the third jump. I took her off course immediately and checked to see if she was ok. Everyone said she looked fine and she must have felt OK because she went out and won Round 3 of Jumpers.

Overall, I had a LOVELY weekend and really enjoyed the cool weather up in Cayucos. And Gale got lots of Finals points! Yay!


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