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Show Report
Australian Shepard Club of America
Nationals in Bakersfield, November 2 - 10, 2002
A Kristi and Mia Post Show Publication

Goleta Valley Dog Club Members had an Aussome (spelling intentional) show at the ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) Nationals held in Bakersfield Nov. 2-Nov. 10. It was amazing to be at a show where it was ALL AUSSIES! If you have never been to a specialty show for your own particular breed, I highly recommend it - fairly incredible to see all the different types and all the things dogs can do - in our case, obedience, conformation, stockdog, agility, and tracking. There were quite a few Aussies with tails - especially the one that came all the way from Germany. And I was complaining about a 150 mile drive!

Lynette, Kathie Brusca, Betty, Mia, Wency and I were the gang representing GVDC at this show - and boy did we do INCREDIBLE. A couple of the dogs (Dixie, Kali, Connie and Patches) were multi-tasking: did both agility and obedience. Kali got her first Q in obedience, Connie Q'd both times and took 3rd (in VERY stiff competition and without her finish!) for her CD and Dixie not only Q'd all three times in the obedience ring, but she took two 4th places and got her CD as well! Wency's wonder-beast, Tilly (mom to Dixie and Kali and grandma to the pups) got her CDX! Whew!

The dogs held up really well: the obedience ring was SO stressful and anal-retentive. I think I will only do small obedience shows from here on out. OK - now to the fun stuff: AGILITY. I am just going to list how everyone did rather than a blow-by-blow account because we all did INCREDIBLE. In brief, the beasties all came through many days of showing with great attitudes - especially the pups, Gale, Finn and Keena. This was a lot of pressure to put on such young dogs and they handled it like troopers! Gale did decide that weaving was NOT something she knew how to do by the end of the week - can't really blame her for puppy brain! Ready for the list? I am SO PROUD of all the heathens! Finn and Keena are two of the most elegant jumpers out there: I was timing for the judge and she thought so too!

Elite Standard: 4th and Q
5th and Q
9th and Q (45 dogs in class)
7th and Q (42 dogs in class)
(Was this dog consistent or what????)
Open Gamblers: 4th place (no Q but she racked up 45 opening points!!!!!!)
4th and Q
5th (again no Q but so many opening points she was in the top ten! Again!)
Elite Jumpers: Q (SCT was 29 seconds!)

Open Standard: 2 different Q's
Open Jumpers: 3rd and Q
3rd and Q (TITLE!)
2nd and Q (against 25 dogs!)
Nov. Gamblers: 3rd and Q
5th and Q (TITLE!)
(Taking after her mother for consistency! YAY GALE!)

Saturday pre-show:
Open Standard-no Q, tunnel sucking problem, but good weave entry
Open Jumpers-nice run, resisted a very tempting tunnel, 3rd place
Novice Gamblers-Q, finished title, 4th
Open Standard-great run, Q, 5th
Novice Gamblers-Q, did gamble bonus, 1st
Open Standard-stupid tunnel, but great effort, NQ
Open Jumpers-my favorite run of the show, Q (finished title), 3rd
(top 3 were within a 1/2 second of each other)
(Yet another pup taking after mom!)

Elite Gamblers: 1 2nd and Q and one Q.
Also titles in Open jumpers and std.

Nov Gamblers - 1st and Title
Nov. Jumpers - 1st and Title
(Baby dogs rule!)

Open Standard: 1st and Q
3rd and Q
Open Jumpers: 1st and Q
2nd and Q (and TITLE)
(I have never seen Kathie and Dixie work so well together over so long a period of time - they were beautiful to watch)

Obedience: 2 Q's and her ASCA CD
Elite Reg: Q

Gale Q'd 8 out of the 10 times I put her in the ring! And Finn and Keena were MAGNIFICENT! Sorry if I bored you with the "long lists" but I couldn't see any other way to highlight how AMAZING all our dogs did at a National venue.

Pats on the back to all - two-footer and four-footers!

GO AUSSIES!!!!!!!!


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