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Dog Agility Club of Ventura - AKC Agility Trial
April 14-15, 2007

I still can’t believe I was in Dixon the Friday before this show. My back was KILLING me from all the driving, but the show was certainly worth it. First off, let me say I had entered Kane in this show, but never stuck around long enough to actually show him. Poor guy.

Saturday was a GREAT day – it just shows that I need to be exhausted, lame and brain dead and my dogs do fantastic J Gale ZOOMED around Jumpers and I was not prepared for her speed so caused a refusal. Her Ex B Standard was gorgeous until I screamed at her over the panel and made the bar come down. Patches picked up a 1 st place in Novice Pref FAST (yes, I am starting to do FAST…sigh…) and then double Q’d with a 2 nd in Standard and a 3 rd in JWW. The old girl can still move when she want to! Chance picked up his first Novice FAST leg and then proceeded to Q in both Ex A JWW (with a 2 nd) and Ex A Std (with a 1 st!) That was Chance-man’s AX title! Only one more JWW leg to go for the AXJ! Cinder was golden – as usual. She not only Q’d in Novice FAST but picked up double Q #17 (with a 3 rd in JWW.)

It was really hard for me to get out of bed on Sunday. Chancie picked up another Novice FAST leg but no other Q’s for the day. That being said, his JWW run was gorgeous – fast and flowing – we are still learning to work as a team. Patches followed in Chance’s foot-steps – a Q and 1 st in FAST but nada for the rest of the day. Gale was still on fire and I might need to learn how to handle her the way she is running right now. She picked up another JWW leg (which we don’t need – ain’t that always the case) but our Standard was not pretty and involved me walking her off after she bailed on her dog walk. Cinder was, once again, perfect. Q’d in everything and ended up with DQ #18. (Which means she was 6 for 6 for the weekend – what a dog!) Only two more to go for the MACH!!!!

Sorry for the short show report but I am a wee bit tired. Plus I have a new puppy arriving tonight!!!

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