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SMART TRIAL April 29 - 30, 2006 PRUNEDALE, CA

Today was mostly a really amazing day although it didn’t start well. We started the day with PIII Jumpers. Patches and I had an AMAZING run going until she slipped on the wet grass, tried super hard to recover and ran into a jump. She didn't just run into the jump - she banged her head on a jump cup and took about 10 years off my life. She crashed the jump and then proceeded to have a really scary head-shaking spasm. Turns out she really banged the hell out of her eyebrow (has a slight scrape over her eye) - needless to say, we didn't complete the course. It was REALLY scary. Patches is FINE, but it was not the best way to start the day. The day got much better after that!

Cinder and Patches both ran clean in Jumpers (Gale got her JM!! YAY GALE!!) and then it was time for Masters Snooker. Patches was lovely in PIII Snooker and both Cinder and Gale ran clean in Masters Snooker.
It was Gale's first Masters Snooker leg and Cinder got a Super Q and ended up 3rd. Yay Cin Bin!

Moving on to PIII Standard - Patches and I had a refusal but she got her dog walk contact!!! Yippee!!

Gale was not so great in Standard (we will leave it at that) and Cinder was lovely - picked up another Q!
Good girlie!

Steeplechase was a blast - both Cinder, Finn, Dixie and Jiffy made the cut. Yay GVDC members! Grand Prix was interesting for me. Patches got her 2nd Q in Performance National Standard (so now she's qualified
for Nationals) - Gale had a qualifying run going and then ran around the last jump.

Since that was her 2nd refusal - no Q. Big Bummer.

Max and Mia had a very fun round in Performance (no Q,) Finn not only Q'd in Grand Prix, he was 4th overall!!! A direct quote from Mia is that it was "Probably the best run I have had with Finn in over a year!" It was gorgeous. Star also Q'd in Grand Prix and had one of the FASTEST dog walks ever. She made it rattle!!! Mia was running all out and she was nowhere close to catching Star on the walk. And Star even touched and then waited (a looong time) for Mia to catch up. Woo Hoo Star!!!!!!

I ran Chance at this show for the first time in years. He was AMAZING!!!! He picked up his first USDAA Q ever (with a 3rd in Standard!) It was interesting - Chance is still a total celebrity here since this is his hometown. Chance was "meet and greeting" in the morning until I told Nancy he needed a break. He was a really good
sport - saying "hi" to everyone who wanted to meet him and then running his heart out for me. I just love this dog! He would have won his class if his handler (me) hadn't thought she was running a seasoned
dog. He was SO GOOD.

Today went swimmingly well, I need to keep telling myself what wonderful dogs I have. The other wonderful thing about this show (for me) is that Nancy (Chance's mom) has opened up her house and yard to not only me and my pack, but Mia and her dogs as well. It has been such a treat to come back from a show to a house full of wonderful food, good wine and a big yard for the dogs to romp in. Patches has made a new friend - his name is Tuner and he is Nancy's Portuguese Water Dog and Patch (the dog who never really learned how to play) has been out puppy play-bowing with him and romping all over the yard. Since Sizzle also likes Tuner, Sizzle is a wee bit jealous but she will get over it. She had Swiftie to flirt with this weekend.

Sunday was an amazing day – especially with Cinder. Yesterday she was 4 for 5 (and would have been 5 for 5 except for me: she slipped while in the Grand Prix and recovered quicker than I did….so I sent her off course – poor girl!) Today Cinder qualified in EVERY CLASS – she picked up another Masters Standard leg (that’s her SACH-Bronze!) a Masters Gamblers, a Masters Pairs (with Max) and ran clean in Round Two of the Steeplechase. I was pretty sure her first A-Frame was called for a missed contact, so I went into training mode. Silly me – she wasn’t called and she still ended up 5th overall! What a good girlie!

Gale was a good girl today. We left Standard after she did a solid A-frame (way to re-enforce criteria!) and then she ran a solid half in her Pairs run, unfortunately her partner had gone off course but Gale did a great job. Yay Gale! I also picked up a Q in PIII Standard with Miss Reliable, Patches. Patches’ Pairs partner couldn’t do the weaves (I had images of Gale floating through my head so totally understood what the handler was going through) but Patches ran her part perfectly!

Chance had some great moments. We had a super PI Jumpers run, aside from a knocked bar but it was a REALLY fast closing line. He looked GREAT in Standard! Really super, but he didn't see the jump after the collapsed tunnel and crashed into the jump. Up to that moment, he looked AMAZING. We have an exciting future ahead of us! Chance also ran in PI Pairs and was LOVELY. I am so excited about this guy!

This was a GREAT show – despite it being 240 miles from home, I was back at my house by 6pm on Sunday night! Beats Industry Hills hands down even though it is twice as far away. Between the nice folks, the superbly run trial, the high level of competition and being able to stay at Nancy’s house – I will be doing A LOT more trials up North in the future!

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