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Yet another wonderful trial up at Sandy Ogg’s place in Atascadero. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before but this little one-ring trial is a BLAST! It is incredibly laid back (even for a NADAC/ASCA) and is the MOST supportive trial I have ever attended. People are cheering at 7:30am on Saturday re still urging competitors on during the last class on Sunday night. This is what agility is all about.

Unlike previous years, the weather was perfect. For the past three years it has been SO hot so it was a nice change to be cold in the morning. Old friends I haven’t seen in a while (because they live up North) were at this trial and I spent an inordinate amount of time “chatting” – much more than usual! The courses were fast with lots of flow (except for one) and, as a rule, the dogs had a blast.

Gale had torn a pad (again) working stock the previous week. So much for my plan of stopping her on her contacts. Well, she was gleefully NOT stopping by Sunday but she wasn’t launching her contacts…yet. At our next trial I am going to have to make a point of stopping her no matter what. Other than that, she was wonderful! She got her Elite Standard title (with a 1 st place) and qualified both days in Elite Jumpers with placements. Both of us like Jumpers better than anything!

Kali had an AMAZING day on Saturday. She qualified in both her Elite Standard rounds (with a 4 th place in both) and then, she FINALLY got that last elusive Elite Jumpers leg for her NADAC title! I am embarrassed to tell you how long we have been trying for this…but she was brilliant and took 3 rd place. Sunday was a series of mishaps and poor handling on my part – poor girl.

This was the first trial that I decided to amp Cinder out for EVERY run – not just Gamblers like I had done the last show. I had Cinder screaming and barking on the start line and we only had a couple mishaps! We had a couple bars down throughout the weekend (all my fault – bad calls) and a couple self-releases on contacts and once on the start line – but we had no off-courses and had some amazing runs. She racked up a bunch more Elite Standard legs (3 I think) but the best run of the weekend was her final Elite Jumpers run. 22 obstacles in 23.32 seconds. She was FLYING. We had a ball.

Patches was her usual reliable self – even more so than normal at this trial. I think Patch really likes it up there! No Elite Gambles (I didn’t get ONE gamble all weekend, with anyone – I think I need to work on that!) but she Q’d every other time I put her in the ring! 4 Elite Standard legs and 2 Elite Jumpers – with four 1 st places and two 2 nd’s! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Mia and Finn were also trailing this weekend – and man, do they look good! Finn ROARED around the courses, winning everything he qualified in. His Elite Jumpers runs (both of them) were terrific to watch: he has such a long stride that he really eats up the yardage. Finn earned his Elite Jumpers title this weekend – as well as Q’ing in 3 out of the 4 Elite Standard runs. He and Mia look soooo smooth together and they really seemed to be in sync this weekend.

Kathie Brusca and Dixie also had a stellar weekend. I don’t know all the details but every time I turned around, Kathie was collecting more ribbons so that means all is well!

Once again, I cannot recommend this trial highly enough. Great atmosphere, great people and great courses. What else is there?


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