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NADAC/ASCA April 3-4, 2004 Somis, California

For the first time, the ASCSC put on a two-ring show and it was wonderful. The weather was (almost) perfect, the courses were lovely and the dogs had a blast. Kali and Kane showed in conformation (this show had agility, conformation and obedience – a real three ring circus!) and both dogs took Reserve both days so I was quite pleased with them.

Patches was her usual reliable self: I put her in the ring 8 times and she qualified 6. What a girl! Kali qualified in both Elite Standards and earned her Elite Tunnelers title (as did Cinder.) But Kali and I are still on the hunt for that final elusive Elite Jumpers leg…and Elite Gamblers leg….we will keep searching! Gale took 3 rd in Elite Jumpers (her Aunt Dixie took 2 nd) and then won her Open Gamblers class to earn her OGC. YAY Gale! She also Q’d in Elite Tunnelers which is a fun way for the dog and handler to finish up a show!

Oso partied all weekend. He hasn’t shown in 8 months and boy, he let me know it! Dropped bars, launched contacts, off courses: you name it, he did it! And all with an enormous grin on his face. He is such a blast to run at shows!

Cinder was the definite star of the weekend – although it didn’t start out looking that way! Our first class of the show was Elite Jumpers and we imploded – could NOT get around the course. And that is the only thing that went wrong for the rest of the weekend. Cinder went back into the ring 8 more times and qualified every time – with six 1 st places, a 3 rd and a 4 th. She was amazing - and she went High In Trial – Other Breed. (ASAC offers a HIT-Aussie and a HIT-Other) My little blue monster and I seem to be growing up together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next weekend!

Finn and Mia rocketed around the courses – his jumping stride is AMAZING. On Saturday he took 4 th in Elite Std and finished his Elite Standard title as well as winning his Open Gamblers class and finishing up that title as well! He also Q’d in Novice Weavers on Sat. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday: he Q’d in Elite Standard and finished 4 th in Open Tunnelers, which he ran with tremendous enthusiasm.

Other relatives did awesome at the show. Kathie Brusca and Dixie (Kali’s littermate and Auntie to Gale, Finn and Kane) had a fantastic weekend. Every time I turned around, Kathie and Dixie were zipping around the courses, Dixie barking enthusiastically as usual! Dixie got a 3 rd and Q in Elite Standard, a 2 nd and Q in Elite Jumpers, a 3 rd and Q in Novice Weavers and a 3 rd and Q in Novice Tunnelers. Wow! AND she competed in obedience for her CDX. What a busy weekend those two had!

Lynette came down on Saturday and showed in obedience. Connie finished her CDX and Keena ALMOST finished her CD. She decided it was too hot and lay down during her sit stay. Oh well, there is another trial in a couple weeks, so keep your fingers crossed.

All in all it was a wonderful show and I look forward to it next year!

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