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Contact Point Agility – AKC Trial - November 25-27, 2005

This is going to be a brief show report because I wasn’t really “aware” during most of the trial. My horse, Jive, got very sick on Thanksgiving Day and I spent that night ( beginning at 1 am of course) hauling him to the emergency hospital up North and having surgery performed on him. Needless to say, I did not make it to Friday of the trial so Mia was kind enough to take Cinder for me and run her. Let me say, Mia did a GREAT job with her! Not only got her around both courses clean for Double Q #10 but won both the classes! Good girlies!

I showed up Saturday with Cin, Kali and Gale and a VERY fuzzy brain. Cinder was lovely for me in Ex B JWW and won the class but I did some freakazoid thing in Standard and incurred a refusal. Sunday was a flip of Saturday: we Q’d in Ex B Std (with a 4th) but I blew it in JWW. Oh well – lack of sleep does that to me.

Gale managed to pick up another Ex B JWW leg on Saturday and had some lovely runs otherwise but we had tiny bobbles (or large bobbles) in each run so….

This was a bittersweet show for Kali and I. I decided that Kali and AKC courses do not get along and promised Kali this would be the last time we would have to do “evil courses” ever again. I had already dropped her down to Preferred so that she could jump 16” but she rapidly made it back up in to Excellent. Silly girl – doesn’t she know Novice courses are WAY more fun?


The pictures are from our last time on the line together at AKC and her last run in AKC: and the dang dog not only qualified, she won the class! What a way to retire from a venue!







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