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COAST and GVDC - ASCA Agility Trial
December 16-17, 2006

What a weekend! First off, this was my first ever trial to host and I was having horrible nightmares about the whole thing for weeks ahead of time. I should not have worried: our clubs (both GVDC and COAST) really stepped up to bat. Sue Graham was my safety net and without her, this show would not have happened – there is no way I would have had the courage to do it alone. There was also the looming threat of rain for the weekend and that had all of us in a panic. Our clubs must have good agility karma though: we got sprinkled on early in the morning (6am) and then the rain held off until we were done with the day. Thank you weather gods!

I learned a couple very interesting things at this trial: I need to learn to multi-task better! I was so freaked out Sat. morning that poor Gale, Cinder and Patches did not get what they deserved from me. Cinder and Gale each got around clean in Elite Standard Round 2 (with a 1st and a 2nd) but I gave Cin a horrid call in Elite Jumpers, right over the bar! ACK!

Patches and Gale both ran clean in Elite Jumpers with placements, I just can’t remember what they were.

The heroes of Saturday were my boys – Chance and Kane. Kane picked up a 4th and Q in Open Standard and really tried his heart out for me. His contacts are lovely – thank you Kate! Chance…what can I say? He was AMAZING all weekend. His Open Standard runs were both fast, furious and clean with a 1st and 2nd, and then he went on to finish is Open Jumpers title (also with a placement!) YAY CHANCIE!!!

Sunday was a much better day for me which meant it was better for my dogs. I was much more relaxed since things had gone so well on Saturday and I had so much help at the score table that I felt I could actually warm myself up and focus on the task at hand. Cinder was LOVELY – Q’d in both her Elite Standard runs (with placements) and then went out and laid down a wonderful Jumpers run for 1st place. Gale was much happier but her contacts went bye-bye…still working on that! But she finished up the day with a clean run in Elite Jumpers and a grin on her face.

Once again, the boys were my stars. Kane Q’d in both his Open Standard runs (1/2 Q in one because I held his contacts for sooooo long - he IS related to Gale after all!) Chance also Q’d in both his Standard runs (I am pretty sure he won one again and took 2nd in the other…) and finished his Open Standard title! I had moved Chancie up to Elite Jumpers for Sunday and he was such a good boy. I did a massive handler error at one point and Chance ended up right on top of the jump he was supposed to take, at a dead standstill and at a terrible angle. Don’t ask me how but that darn dog got over the jump and kept the bar up. What an athlete! Because of my mistake, we were over time but I had the biggest grin on my face anyway. I think my favorite thing about the boys is that they always give me 110% and make me laugh myself silly. Chance tried to take me out on Saturday (it seems to happen once a show) and I just had to laugh because it is such a “Chance” thing to do.

The high point of the whole trial (other than the fact that we didn’t have any major disasters and folks seemed to think the trial was going well) were the awards. As you all know, I am a ribbon whore and when I agreed to take on the Trial Secretary duties for this trial, I volunteered to do the awards as well. We had HUGE pretty ribbons to hand out for all kinds of things! I don’t remember them all but the High In Trial Elite Dog and the High in Trial Aussie was Finn! YAY FINN AND MIA!!! (yup, I bred the dog ) High in Trial Open was Chance!! Yippee!!!!!!!! I thought Nancy was going to come out of her skin when she realized he’d won. I was/am pretty thrilled myself!

So, I had a great weekend and am already planning the next COAST/GVDC trial…sometime this summer.

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