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COAST and GVDC - ASCA Agility Trial
Surfin' Safari 08 - Goleta, CA
July 12 - 13, 2008

This is the bi-annual trial that GVDC puts on with COAST every year.  It has been a roaring success, lots of fun for the competitors but not so much fun for me.  I have been in charge of the whole darn thing every time and I decided this was the last trial for me.  It is too difficult to put in that much effort for little to no return (on a personal level) so…someone else is going to have to step up.  With all that being said, my dogs (for the most part) had a lovely trial.

The most bittersweet thing about this trial was Patches retiring.  The old gal is over 12 and has given me some fantastic memories.  I figured it was appropriate to retire her not only at an ASCA trial (she is an Aussie after all!) but at our local one. 

The old gal went out in style:  she won her Veteran Elite Regular class on Saturday and took 2nd and 3rd in Veteran Elite Jumpers.  We had a cake for Betty and some emotional moments on my part (which I hate doing in public) and it was certainly the memorable moment for me at the trial. (See her final run video)

Sizzle had her ups and downs at this trial.  The only reason she didn’t get her Novice Gamble title is, you guessed it, me.  I have GOT to get better at this game!  She was dynamite in her Novice Regular runs, Q’d in all 4 of them (with two 1st places, a 2nd and a 3rd) to finish her RS-N.  Her Novice Jumpers on Sat was lovely (Q and 2nd) but by the end of the trial on Sunday her brain was fried.  She did have a legitimate reason.  On Saturday – near the end of the day – the entire gate board fell on her and scared her spitless.  On Sunday, in the same spot, right before Jumpers, another dog attacked her.  So Sizzle went into her last run thinking “The gate on my left is going to eat me and the dog on my right is going to eat me.”  Poor Bizzle brain.  She was just wasn’t there for the final run so after 2-3 obstacles, I took her off.

Gale had a FABULOUS weekend!  Despite my inept handling, she picked up a 2nd and Q in Elite Gamblers!  Yay!!  She also picked up 2 Elite Regular legs (2nd and 3rd) and two Elite Jumpers legs (1st and 3rd.)  This was the first trial in a long time where I had more “happy Gale” than “sad Gale.”  She was flying around the course, happy as a clam, and any errors were all mine. 

Cinder was, of course (and, as usual) perfect.  Literally.  She Q’d in everything (there were 8 runs total) with seven 1st places and one 2nd place (to Patches!)  She was screaming around, happy and healthy.  This was the first trial that Cinder ran a full slate of classes since her back injury and while she did marvelous, I don’t think I will be doing that with her anymore.  So…her last “full” trial and she won High In Trial Veteran dog (she would have been all the Regular Elite dogs as well) and High in Trial Other Breed.  What a girlie!




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