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What Do All Those Little Letters Before & After A Dog's Name Mean?

Each set of those letters means a dog has achieved a certain level of proficiency in that particular dog sport. There are several different organizations that offer titles: some, like USDAA only offer agility titles, where others like ASCA and AKC offer a plethora of different venues to compete in. I have ranked the titles from lowest to highest in the list below. I have not listed all titles possible to be earned – that would take pages – but the ones that I actively compete in.

Organization: AKC


CD = Companion Dog

CDX = Companion Dog Excellent

UD = Utility Dog


NA = Novice Agility

NAJ = Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves

OA = Open Agility

OAJ = Open Agility Jumpers with Weaves

AX = Agility Excellent

AXJ = Excellent Agility Jumpers with Weaves

MX = Master Agility Excellent

MXJ = Master Agility Jumpers with Weaves

MACH Master Agility Champion

Organization: USDAA


AD = Agility Dog

AAD = Advanced Agility Dog

MAD = Master Agility Dog

SM = Snooker Master

JM = Jumpers Master

GM = Gamblers Master

PM = Pairs Master

ADCH Agility Dog Champion

Organization: NADAC


NAC = Novice Standard

NJC = Novice Jumpers

NGC = Novice Gamblers

TN-N = Novice Tunnelers

TG-N = Novice Tounch N Go

WV-N = Novice Weavers

OAC = Open Standard

OJC = Open Jumpers

OGC = Open Gamblers

TN-O = Open Tunnelers

TG-O = Open Touch N Go

WV-O = Open Weavers

EAC = Elite Standard

EJC = Elite Jumpers

EGC = Elite Gamblers

TN-E = Elite Tunnelers

TG-E = Elite Touch N Go

WV-E = Elite Weavers

NATCH Agility Trial Champion

Organization: ASCA


CD = Companion Dog

CDX = Companion Dog Excellent

UD = Utility Dog


RS-N = Regular Standard – Novice

JS-N = Jumpers Standard – Novice

GS-N = Gamblers Standard – Novice

RS-O = Regular Standard – Open

JS-O = Jumpers Standard – Open

GS-O = Gamblers Standard – Open

RS-E = Regular Standared – Elite

JS-E = Jumpers Standard – Elite

GS-E = Gamblers Standard – Elite

ATCH = Agility Trial Champion


STDs = Started Trial Dog - Sheep

STDc = Started Trial Dog - Cattle

STDd = Started Trial Dog - Ducks

OTDs = Open Trial Dog - Sheep

OTDc = Open Trial Dog - Cattle

OTDd = Open Trial Dog - Ducks

ATDs = Advanced Trial Dog - Sheep

ATDc = Advanced Trial Dog - Cattle

ATDd = Advanced Trial Dog - Ducks

PATDs = Post Advanced Trial Dog – Sheep

PATDc = Post Advanced Trial Dog – Cattle

RTDs = Ranch Trial Dog - Sheep

RTDc = Ranch Trial Dog – Cattle

WTCH Working Trial Champion (has achieved ATDscd)


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