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Kali is a black tri Australian Shepherd born June 27, 1998. Kali is my first Aussie and I lucked out with her. She is the “perfect pet” – LOVES being truck dog and just hanging out with me, no situation fazes her and she is always reliable. Kali is why I fell in love with Aussies. She is bouncy, adorable, stubborn, and has an amazing sense of humor – especially when I am not expecting it!

Her temperament is rock solid – when she was 7 months old my grandmother was unexpectedly hospitalized and since my grandmother adored Kali, I decided to take Kali to go visit her in CCU. It wasn’t until I reached the hospital that I realized Kali had never seen an elevator, wheelchairs, or any of the other scary stuff in hospitals. Well, she got into the elevator, looked at the guy in the wheelchair with the clanky cart and just sat down.

She did the same in CCU – despite being a high energy youngster, she just sat patiently (and quietly) while my grandmother pet her. I was amazed and horribly impressed with her ability to adapt. When Kali is not competing in agility or obedience (or doing chores with the sheep) she is being “Queen Mother” of the household.

Kali is 21”, 45#, her eyes are cleared annually and she is OFA Excellent.

Kali Career Highlights

Top Ten Excellent A – 2000 AKC Agility Standings

4th Place Elite Standard – 2002 ASCA Nationals/WCASA Pre-Trial

4th Place Open Gamblerss – 2002 ASCA Nationals/WCASA Pre-Trial

5th Place Elite Standard – 2002 ASCA Nationals/PASA Pre-Trial

4th Place Open Gamblers – 2002 ASCA Nationals/PASA Pre-Trial

Top Ten Elite Standard – 2002 ASCA Nationals (both runs)

Top Five Open Gamblers – 2002 ASCA Nationals

2003 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championship Qualifier

2004 Altered Best of Breed – WCASA

2004 ASCA Agility Finalist

6th Place Elite Gamblers (20+) – 2004 ASCA Nationals

July 3rd, 2005 – Altered Major (Altered Winners Bitch and Altered Best of Winners)

2005 – High In Trial Elite Agility Dog - Agility at the “Cup”

#5 Open Preferred 16” – 2005 USASA Agility Standings
#6 JWW Open Preferred 16” – 2005 USASA Agility Standings
#3 Excellent A Preferred 16” – 2005 USASA Agility Standings
#4 JWW Excellent A Preferred 16” – 2005 USASA Agility Standings


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